Feasibility Studies

Often before a project is fully commenced a feasibility study needs to be undertaken. For example if you have a plot of land, how many units can you get on? What size are they? What are the likely build costs? What is the anticipated sales figure? Etc, etc.
We help clients and developers with such studies to ascertain if a project is work moving forwards. During the feasibility stage we try to keep our costs to a minimum as we appreciate the client is often carrying out this stage at risk.
What our scope of works would entail?

    • Establish your brief for the project and discuss any ideas you already have.
    • Perhaps carry out a measured survey of the land or building, but more often than not an Ordnance Survey plan is used.
    • Using the survey or OS plan as a base we prepare sketch proposals based on your brief and will often come up with other ideas that you may not have considered.
    • Discuss and review the proposals, make amendments as necessary and agree an outline sketch scheme.
    • Have pre-application meeting with the local planning authority discuss principle and avoid full planning fees.
    • Sit down with client and review costs, on larger scale projects a Quantity Surveyor would also have and input.

Our company has vast experience in this line of work and we can often avoid you getting involved in vast costs early on, also potentially flagging up early problems that you may occur and need to plan for.